Radar detects birds flying in the eye of Dorian

Birds seek refuge in calmest part of the storm


ROANOKE, Va. – When looking at radar Friday morning, I noticed something we typically see in a hurricane that's close to land - birds. 

There are many different 'products' to radar. The one you see most with the green, yellow and red colors is called reflectivity. That shows precipitation. One product we often use to detect debris in tornadic storms can also detect wildlife. 

The maroon shading on this product is just rain. That's it. However, where you see all the different blue pixels in the eye, those are birds. 


It makes sense as to why birds would be in the eye. After all, it's the calmest part of the storm. Once the storm passes, birds don't just go dropping dead out of the sky. However, they may actually be more lethargic. Some birds may also be transported by the hurricane to places they aren't normally seen.

If you think this sounds like a bunch of bologna, check out this tweet from Thursday. It shows buoy footage of birds flocking to the eye of Dorian.

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