Swarms of migrating dragonflies detected on local weather radar

It's also been detected on radar in Ohio

ROANOKE, Va. – When you look at the radar image above and see green, you typically expect that to be rain. In recent cases, especially in the morning and after sunset, that's not what you're seeing. 

You're seeing swarms of migrating dragonflies on radar.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland saw this just a couple days ago too.

Around sunrise and sunset, warmer air above us tends to bend the radar beam down toward the ground. This can oftentimes detect wildlife or just overall clutter.  

Sabrina Garvin, the Executive Director at the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center, sent 10 News this video of the dragonflies swarming. 

A recent CNN article cites an entomologist in Ohio who says this behavior is normal. Dragonflies, known as green darners, migrate during the spring and fall months to seek warmer air. 

It just so happens that weather technology can watch them in action.

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