Wednesday, Thursday the hottest September days in two-to-three decades for some in our area

Some parts of our area haven't been this hot in September in a long time.


ROANOKE, Va. – We've been no strangers to high heat this summer, with areas like Lynchburg, Roanoke and Danville having hit the 90° mark at least 50 times so far.


In recent days, however, it's reached somewhat of a different level. 

Wednesday afternoon, Blacksburg hit a record high of 94°. It was the town's highest temperature since 2012. More significantly, it was the town's highest September temperature since 1983. 

Then, Thursday came along. Blacksburg hit 91°. Roanoke and Lynchburg, however, soared into the middle and upper 90s. 

Roanoke's 97° high was a record for the day, but was also the highest September temperature since 1991. In Lynchburg, the 96° high tied the city's old record for the day. It was the highest September temperature in the Hill City since 1993.


Friday is proving to be much cooler, as a weather pattern known as the wedge settles in. 

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