Draconids, Southern Taurids meteor showers visible late this week

Two minor meteor showers this week


ROANOKE, Va. – While the Draconids and Southern Taurids are not usually the big producers, you may still find a few shooting stars in the night sky later this week. 

The Draconids have had some outbreak years, when its parent comet is in perhelion (closest point in orbit) to Earth. This year, however, is not that year. It will be in 2025, though. 

This year, be sure to look south and overhead around nightfall. You may see a handful of meteors in an hour. 

The Southern Taurids peak in the Southern Hemisphere this month, but few shooting stars can still be seen in the Northern Hemisphere too.

Like the Draconids, they only yield less than 10 meteors per hour. However, they're usually bright with longer trails.


Wednesday is not our night to see anything, as we'll still be cloudy. Thursday, we start cloudy but should turn partly cloudy throughout the day. Friday will be partly cloudy as well. 


Bottom line is this: Don't expect a magical show, but we're also not going to stop you from looking at the night sky. You never know what you'll find!


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