Hunter's Moon may have faint, orange glow at times this weekend

Moon will rise close to the time the sun sets

Photo Credit: Connie Leathers

ROANOKE, Va. – The moon turns full this weekend, with perhaps a little added flare to it. Here's why.

The Hunter's Moon rises very close to the time that the sun sets. 

Thursday Night - Sunset: 6:50 | Moonrise: 5:45

Friday Night Sunset: 6:49 | Moonrise: 6:13

Saturday Night Sunset: 6:47 | Moonrise: 6:39

Sunday Night Sunset: 6:46 | Moonrise: 7:06

Because of this, the moon will feed off the sun light and have an orange hue at the time it's rising and/or is low on the horizon.

Full moons almost always appear bigger on the horizon, because they a) can be easily compared to things like buildings and trees and b) are passing through more of the earth's atmosphere. 

There will likely be more clouds around Saturday, with a cold front passing through. This front could also produce a few showers late Sunday in areas east of the Parkway.

So, the best chance of seeing the moon this Sunday would be in the Roanoke Valley, Southern Shenandoah, Highlands, New River Valley and Mountain Empire. 

Be sure to look, though, in the nights leading up to and a night or two after the weekend. Let us know if you see a little orange tint, by sending your pictures to us!

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