Cool mornings and warm afternoons before mid-week cold front

Some areas could see their first frost Friday morning


ROANOKE, Va. – After some passing showers this past weekend, Monday offers up more sunshine and a breeze. Ordinarily, that would qualify as a nice day (and it does). However, you should be mindful of the drought we're in. Don't go burning on breezy, dry days like Monday. 

We'll start the morning in a light coat and end the day in short sleeves, as highs top out in the 70s.


We'll do it all again Tuesday, before we track a strong cold front by the middle of the week. There will be enough moisture and energy ahead of this front to get some showers going through the early part of Wednesday afternoon. It won't be enough to end the drought, but it's better than nothing.


As this front passes to the east, the wind starts crankin' late Wednesday afternoon into Thursday afternoon. Wind gusts during that time will likely peak between 30 and 45 mph in areas west of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 


As temperatures fall into the 40s by Thursday morning, the wind will likely make it feel colder. Highs Thursday afternoon only make it into the 50s and lower 60s. Once again, burning is a bad idea. Wind like this will allow a brush fire to spread quickly. 

Then, the wind calms down Thursday night. 

As it does so, temperatures drop into the 30s to near 40 by Friday morning. With a calm wind, some frost may develop for the first time this season. 


At the moment, that chance is highest in areas along and west of the Parkway.


However, areas just outside of Danville, South Boston, Lynchburg and Martinsville city limits may also see some. These areas tend to cool off quickly on clear, calm autumn nights.

Keep your eyes and ears open, as we make our way through the week and fine tune the forecast.

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