Rain becoming widespread midday Tuesday; chance for frost beyond

Rain during your lunch break looking likely Tuesday


ROANOKE, Va. – We are tracking a front that's moving from west to east, producing rain in the process. Anything we see early in the morning Tuesday will be patchy and likely in the form of drizzle near the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

As the morning goes on and lunchtime approaches, rain will become more widespread and heavier in nature. A line of more intense rain and wind will likely form along our front to the east of the Blue Ridge Parkway between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Brief runoff flooding and localized wind damage will be possible during that time period.


Our front presses eastward, taking the rain with it, through the afternoon. This will leave us dry during the commute home. 

Behind the front, we'll turn a little breezy at times this evening and overnight. Temperatures drop into the 40s. We're left with sunshine Wednesday and a gusty wind at times, as highs reach into the 60s. Once the wind calms down, however, temperatures by Thursday morning drop into the 30s. Patchy frost will be possible again.


Afterward, we'll be tracking an area of low pressure east of the Rockies, as it pulls moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico. The farther south and west this stays, the drier we are Friday and Saturday. If it presses farther north and east, we'd be wetter late Friday into early Saturday. 


Currently, the south and western track looks more likely which could result in more rain Sunday to Monday rather than late Friday to Saturday. 

We'll keep you posted on its track.

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