BREAKING: Drought 'officially' over in our part of Virginia

Weeks after being placed in a severe drought, we are no longer in one

ROANOKE, Va. – It was only a few weeks ago when parts of the area were put in a severe drought for the first time in nearly a decade. After multiple rounds of soaking rain, the drought is over for our part of Virginia. 

This is what the drought monitor showed just weeks before Halloween, after record-breaking heat took over the region.

October, which is traditionally the driest month out of the year, proved to be quite the opposite for us. 

In Blacksburg, October 2019 was the 2nd wettest October on record. 

For the rest of the area, a widespread 6-9" of rain fell. That's exactly what the doctor ordered over a 4-week span to completely rid the region of drought.

Since September 1, areas like Lynchburg and Danville are slightly below normal on rainfall. However, Roanoke and Blacksburg have not actually gone above normal.

Rain chances increase Thursday and again next Tuesday.

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