Wind, cold combine Friday morning; another Arctic blast next week

Potential for a few snow showers next Tuesday

ROANOKE, Va. – Don't tell Mother Nature that winter is 44 days away, because it's evidently getting a head start this week. We'll still be fairly mild Thursday afternoon, as highs reach the upper 50s and lower 60s. Clouds will increase ahead of our cold front. 

This front has limited moisture, so rain showers will be light in nature late Thursday afternoon into the evening. Drier, colder air eventually invades the region later on.

The only possibility of snow late Thursday night will be in Snowshoe, Quinwood, Mountain Lake, Burkes Garden and Whitetop. Anything else would just be in the form of flurries in the Highlands and New River Valley.

The bigger story will be the wind chill first thing Friday morning. It will feel like the teens and 20s, as we head out the door. Make sure the kids especially have hats, gloves and a heavy coat.

While the wind gradually calms down throughout the day Friday, it is going to be very cold at high school football games. Make sure you have blankets, hot hands, hats, gloves, scarfs, heavy coats and a warm drink. You'll likely need that at the Veterans Day Parade in Roanoke Saturday morning, although sunshine should help a little. We'll be in the 40s around kickoff for the Tech game.

We'll turn more mild Sunday and Monday, before our second blast of Arctic air moves in next week.

This one gets a little interesting. 

On the map below you have the moisture in green and the cold air in blue. Things start as rain Tuesday, but if the cold and moisture can sync up - a brief period of snow would be possible late Tuesday. 

Now, this is not your typical snowstorm setup. In fact, the probability of 1" of snow or more is very low right now (according to multiple variations of forecast data). 

The reason for that low probability is that there are two plausible scenarios.

1) The cold air chases the moisture east, leaving us with little-to-no snow Tuesday.

2) The cold air and moisture meet up for a brief period of snow late Tuesday.

Regardless of snow, it is going to get really cold next week. Wednesday afternoon may only be in the 30s.

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