Henry Elementary student becomes a “Weatherman for a Day”

Ethan visited 10 News after winning a silent auction from his school’s PTO

ROANOKE, VA. – 10 News had a special visitor Friday morning. Second-grader, Ethan, from Henry Elementary recently won an auction from his school’s Parent Teacher Organization. The prize was to come to 10 News and be a “Weatherman for a Day.”

After hanging out with Ethan for the day, one thing was very clear. He has the personality to be on TV one day.

Ethan with Chris
Ethan with Chris

He also told us that his favorite subject is math, which is good news if he’d like to be a meteorologist one day. He nailed that part of the day too.

We brought him into the studio, where he forecast the weather for his favorite sport - basketball. Ethan is also predicting five snow days for Henry County this year, after a slow start to the winter.

If you would like me to come visit your school to do a weather talk, please shoot me a message here.

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