Early spring-like warmth, chances for showers continue through midweek

Spring-like warmth and showers continue through midweek; colder air beyond

High temperatures in Roanoke the next 5 days
High temperatures in Roanoke the next 5 days

ROANOKE, Va. – After a weekend of near-record warmth, we start out unseasonably warm for the work week. Most of Monday is dry, but a front nearby may spark a few showers across Southside. Regardless, we’re all around 60-65° Monday afternoon.

That front we just mentioned weasels its way farther north Tuesday, triggering a few periods of rain and pockets of fog.

FutureTracker - Tuesday 3 a.m.

The exact location of the front will determine who stands the better chance of rain, but understand there’s the potential for it to impact your morning commute Tuesday. Some showers could be quite heavy at times.

FutureTracker - 8 a.m. Tuesday

After a few showers Wednesday, we’re still relatively mild Thursday with more clouds and colder air Friday. This comes ahead of our next storm system, that’s poised to come in Saturday. There are two possible scenarios with this system.

1. This low pressure system stays west, allowing colder air to settle into our region. This would mean wintry weather Saturday, before changing to all rain.

2. This low pressure system moves farther north, dragging in above-freezing air. This would mean rain developing later in the day Saturday.

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