DRAMATIC VIDEO: Microburst causes roof to collapse at North Carolina school

Fortunately, nobody at the school was hurt

VIDEO: Roof collapses at North Carolina school
VIDEO: Roof collapses at North Carolina school

CLINTON, Nc. – A roof at a Union Intermediate School in Clinton, North Carolina school collapsed earlier this week after a microburst hit the immediate area. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Video shows the tense moments, as the storm dropped intense rain and extremely high wind onto the school, blowing the roof out and dropping an exhaust fan onto the gym floor. The wind got up to 85 mph, according to the National Weather Service, which is equivalent to a high-end EF-0 tornado.

Microbursts, in this case especially, develop when you have an intense thunderstorm overhead. The water loads up in the top of the storm. All that rain, and the associated rain-cooled air, rushes to the surface. On contact, the air fans out and causes lots of destruction in a very localized area.

These kinds of storms develop most often in the spring and summer, when warm and humid air produces more frequent thunderstorms.

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