‘Fogbow’ captured on camera in Rockbridge County Wednesday morning

Fogbows form similar to rainbows, but the water droplets aren’t as big

Photo: Becki Wells - Rockbridge County
Photo: Becki Wells - Rockbridge County

LEXINGTON, Va. – It’s something I’ve never actually seen in person, but man is it cool on camera or what?

Becki Wells was one of the many people who woke up to fog early Wednesday morning. While that ordinarily makes for a gloomy and not exactly picturesque morning, she captured the moment when a fogbow formed.

As the fog began to dissipate and the sun began to shine, she snapped a picture at the perfect moment. In your ordinary rainbow, sunlight is bent upon exiting the rain droplet. This is what causes your ROYGBIV color scheme.

In a fogbow, however, the water droplets are much smaller. Because of the smaller droplet size, we don’t get to see the colors. Rather, we see a more ghostly white arc.

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