Multiple rounds of rain expected after the weekend

An additional inch or more of rain is expected between Monday and Thursday

Estimated rainfall between Monday and Thursday
Estimated rainfall between Monday and Thursday

ROANOKE, Va. – After getting pounded with rain a few days ago, it’s been nice to keep things dry for the weekend. Our break continues Sunday, with temperatures getting into the upper 40s and low to mid 50s (dependent on elevation).

We’ll see some high clouds move in over the course of the day Sunday, perhaps becoming more overcast by Monday morning. This is all with a front that will slowly set up camp over the area late Monday into Tuesday. Systems riding along this front will increase the coverage of rain.

Rain chances - Monday 2/10/2020

So while scattered showers will be possible Monday morning, the most widespread rain comes later into Tuesday morning.

FutureTracker - 2/11/2020 7 a.m.

Eventually, an area of low pressure rises from the south. The cold front associated with it will set off a line of rain, heavy at times, likely through the first half of the day Thursday.

What We're Tracking - 02/13/2020

Between what we see Monday through Thursday, it’s likely that we see an additional inch or more of rain.

Estimated rainfall between Monday and Thursday

Thankfully, this is spread out over a multi-day span but may still aggravate some creeks, streams and rivers. It’s unlikely that they get to the level they did this weekend and on Friday, though.

The wetter weather will be east of us by Valentine’s Day, but cold air and strong wind gusts will be around by then.

What We're Tracking - Valentine's Day 2020

Gentlemen, you know what to do. Lend your coat to your sweetheart, so they don’t get cold on date night.

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