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April showers bring... near record rainfall

Some of us received nearly record-breaking rainfall for the month of April

Wettest Aprils
Wettest Aprils

ROANOKE, Va. – With the month of April behind us, we are looking back at some of the near record-breaking rainfall totals from across the region.

Lynchburg and Blacksburg have both received enough rainfall to make it the second wettest April on record for both cities. Lynchburg weather data has been recorded since 1893 and Blacksburg data has been recorded since 1952. Roanoke saw enough rainfall to make it the 6th wettest (data goes back to 1912) and Danville received enough rain to make it the 23rd wettest (Danville data goes back to 1916) April on record.

Looking back at April

During the month of April, Roanoke received measurable moisture (at least a trace of rain) 22 out of the 30 days.

April Overview

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Delaney is a Texas native who was born in Houston, but moved to San Antonio where she lived for 16 years. She moved to Roanoke in June 2019.