Latest snow on record possible for some of the North Carolina High Country

The same system that has prompted a Freeze Warning in parts of our area will produce snow in some taller mountains.

Latest snow on record possible in some taller mountain areas
Latest snow on record possible in some taller mountain areas

ROANOKE, Va. – As if things weren’t weird to begin with, the weather just had to throw itself into the ring too. While parts of the area are under a freeze warning Saturday morning, some others may see snowflakes as soon as Friday night. This mainly pertains to the west-facing slopes of Pocahontas, Greenbrier, Highland, Bath, Bland, Grayson and Wythe Counties (maybe Giles too).

We know that for parts of North Carolina, including Beech Mountain and Banner Elk, this could be the latest accumulating snow (0.1″ or more) on record.

Beech Mountain’s records don’t go back all that far, but this would become the latest on record there.

Top 10 latest snows on record - Beech Mountain

However, Banner Elk’s do go back pretty far (to 1919). What they show is that the latest accumulating snowfall in town came on May 8th, 1989. So it’s possible that record either gets tied or beaten this year.

Top 10 latest snows on record - Banner Elk

What about closer to home?

We looked for data in Bland, Wythe and Grayson County. Anything current was very hard to find. Data for Bath and Highland Counties, however, could be found.

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