WEATHER HOMESCHOOL: How we became meteorologists

Regular people can do some pretty neat things for work, and we are fortunate enough to do just that.

WEATHER HOMESCHOOL: How to become a meteorologist
WEATHER HOMESCHOOL: How to become a meteorologist

ROANOKE, Va. – Over the last several weeks, we have taught you about tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, snow and so many other topics in weather. Weather Homeschool is wrapping up for now, as the spring semester comes to an end.

So, the four of us wanted to tell you how we became meteorologists. It takes a lot of hard work, first by attending a four-year university. We each got a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences, which includes a lot of calculus, physics, chemistry, etc.

In the video above, find out about each of us, where we are from and what made us want to pursue meteorology as a career. If this is something you think you/your child would want to do when you/they get older, please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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