Local photographer captures rare ‘moonbow’ AGAIN

This isn't the first time Rinehart has captured this phenomenon on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Jason Rinehart - Botetourt County
Jason Rinehart - Botetourt County

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – If you remember us writing an article about moonbows before, you’re right. If you remember us mentioning Jason Rinehart in that article, you’re also right.

Rainbows happen quite often in the summer months, as departing storms are back-lit by the sun. The electric storms that lit up the sky in parts of Botetourt and Rockbridge Counties Sunday night departed as the moon came up.

The moon’s light was bright enough, as it is just coming out of its full phase, to interact with the rain drops much like the sun does. Therefore, you can get a rare but beautiful moonbow.

For photographers like Jason, lightning in the distance and a rare phenomenon like this, make the night “absolutely perfect.”

You can check the rest of Rinehart’s pictures on his original post here.

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