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Stormy pattern precedes the return of 90° heat for some this weekend

Weather calms down but heats up as we approach the weekend!

Upper level air pattern for this weekend
Upper level air pattern for this weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – The same front that guided Isaías out of here a few days ago is still with us, kind of like that friend that can’t take the hint to leave for the night. Systems riding along this front will keep the flow of moisture (humidity) intact.’s going to be one of those hair days for ya.

Humidity levels for Thursday

This flow of humidity is what will lead to the development of some scattered but slow-moving thunderstorms again Thursday and Friday. Localized flooding and/or tree damage will be possible in any stronger cells that develop.

Storm threats for Thursday and Friday afternoons

Storms Thursday will be very similar to Wednesday. They will first start in the mountains between 12 and 3 p.m. Highs in the NRV and Highlands will range from about 78-84°.

FutureTracker - 4 p.m. Thursday

These will slowly drift east later in the afternoon and into the evening. Areas around Roanoke, Lynchburg and Southside will see temperatures range from 83-89°.

FutureTracker - 8 p.m. Thursday

A couple may linger beyond sunset due to how humid the air is and how close our front is to us.

The same general timeline, storm behavior and impacts play out Friday. As we approach the weekend, this front washes away and the jet stream lifts to the north. This will result in lower storm chances.

Weekend planner for 8/7 to 8/9/2020

Looking ahead to next week, we’ll keep the heat and limited storm chances around. Those aren’t the only showers we’re looking out for, though. The Perseid meteor shower peaks next week too.

Perseid meteor shower peaking next week

We have more info on that in this article.

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