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Weather pattern turns more unsettled mid-to-late week

After another day or two of heat and hit-or-miss storms, localized flooding will become possible.

What We're Tracking by Friday of this week
What We're Tracking by Friday of this week

ROANOKE, Va. – A derecho slammed parts of Iowa and Illinois Monday afternoon, producing wind gusts at times between 80 and 100 mph.

Monday's derecho on radar

That storm has thankfully weakened, but it does leave behind a weak boundary. This boundary could give rise to a few hit-or-miss storms in our area after about 2 p.m. Tuesday. Otherwise, it’s a pretty typical summer day with heat and humidity at the helm.

Forecast at the pool for Tuesday afternoon

Keep checking with Your Local Weather Authority app, as pop up storms develop throughout the afternoon. The hope is that clouds will clear a bit by later Tuesday night, as the Perseid meteor shower begins to peak.

Perseid meteor shower set to peak the next few nights

We’ll keep it hot with scattered storms Wednesday as well, but the pattern begins to turn more unsettled later in the week. As a front stalls nearby, moisture will be drawn toward it. This will leave us with more numerous showers and storms starting Thursday.

What we're tracking through Thursday afternoon

This pattern holds steady through at least Friday and Saturday. Lots of moisture and slow-moving storms will be a recipe for localized flooding later this week and possibly into the weekend as well.

What We're Tracking by Friday of this week

We’ll keep you posted on your weekend plans, as we get closer and as forecast data becomes more refined.

Offshore, there’s a system that has a 70% chance of becoming named within the next two-to-five days.

Tropical headlines as of Tuesday, 8/11/2020

This would become Josephine, but has no immediate threat to the U.S.

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