Rounds of heavy rain Tuesday followed by a stretch of fall weather

A cold front is moving through the area Tuesday, bringing rain, a drop in humidity and cooler air.

Tracking a cold front through Tuesday
Tracking a cold front through Tuesday

ROANOKE, Va. – Following Monday’s 80° warmth, many of us won’t see that again for quite some time. In fact, temperatures will likely drop a few degrees throughout the day Tuesday in parts of the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley and Highlands.

Temperatures will likely drop a bit throughout the day in parts of the area

This, as we track a potent cold front moving through the area. Moisture riding the front will start us off with showers and rumbles of thunder in the aforementioned areas through the first half of the day.

FutureTracker - midday Tuesday

By the afternoon, we’ll be tracking a line (or a broken line) of heavy rain slowly moving from west to east.

FutureTracker - Tuesday afternoon

This may make the evening commute a little dicey at times. As we head deeper into the night, the rain turns a little lighter and gradually moves out of the area.

FutureTracker - Tuesday night

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