Next 24 hours could bring a month’s worth of rain to parts of the area

Some places will see more than 3″ of rain through midday Thursday

Impacts from Wednesday and Thursday's heavy rain
Impacts from Wednesday and Thursday's heavy rain

ROANOKE, Va. – While it’s been dry much of the past week, 2020 has been one of the wettest years on record (so far) for most of the area. Wednesday and Thursday will run up the score, thanks to tropical moisture and a slow-moving cold front.

Rain starts widespread and heavy at times Wednesday morning, with a little bit of a break in the action for some of us (especially the New River Valley) by the afternoon.

FutureTracker - midday Wednesday

As our front inches closer, the rain will turn more widespread overnight and very heavy too. Our threat for localized flooding is probably highest through Thursday morning.

FutureTracker - early Thursday morning

Once the front clears the area, the chance for heavy rain goes down. This will happen first in the New River Valley and Highlands and last in Southside.

FutureTracker - midday Thursday

Through it all, we’re looking at a widespread 1-3″ of rain. There will be some locally higher totals, though, especially near the spine of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 3-5″ of rain will be possible in these isolated higher pockets, which is about a month’s worth of rain.

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