A shot of cooler air keeps spring vibes around through at least Saturday

Temperatures will stay well below the average for early May

Below average temperatures expected Thursday through Saturday
Below average temperatures expected Thursday through Saturday

ROANOKE, Va. – Following the passage of Wednesday’s cold front, we’ve noticed the humidity and the temperatures drop. We’ll start in the 40s across most of the area Thursday morning with highs only in the 60s.

High temperature forecast for Thursday, 5/6/2021

By Friday, another cold front will move toward the area. This will introduce another chance of occasional showers, but it will also keep the cooler air locked in throughout the day. Afternoon temperatures will be closer to the average for mid-to-late March.

FutureTracker - midday Friday, 5/7/2021

We’ll also see the wind pick up once again as the front moves from west to east. Gusts could range from 30-40 mph during the afternoon Friday.

Wind speed and wind gust forecast for Friday, 5/7/2021

It’s for this reason that I think the launch at Wallops Island Friday evening will get scrubbed to a different date. Be sure to stay with us for updates, as we could see the vapor trails from the launch (depending on the time of day).

KiNet-X Rocket Launch at Wallops Island - Friday, 5/7/2021

High pressure takes control of our weather Saturday, leading to a cold start and mild afternoon with highs generally in the 60s. Saturday looks like the perfect day for a hike!

A warm front draped nearby will be the focal point of our weather for Mother’s Day. The closer it is, the better chance of rain we’ll have. The farther north it goes, the more we just see a few late day storms.

What we're tracking - Mother's Day 2021

At the moment, we have most of the area in the 70s with more clouds and the chance of hit-or-miss storms in the second half of the day.

Mother's Day weekend forecast - 2021

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