Virginia moms will experience a mixed bag of weather this holiday weekend

Breezy sunshine, warmer clouds and brief shower chances are all in the forecast

Mother's Day weekend planner
Mother's Day weekend planner (Copyright 2021 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

ROANOKE, Va. – Happy Saturday and welcome to the holiday weekend! We’ll be celebrating our mothers on Sunday and a good gift to yours this year will be this advice: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!”

I say that because we have a mixed bag of weather in the forecast, including northwest breezes and sunshine today, then more clouds, brief shower chances and warmer temperatures Sunday.

Let’s talk a little bit about today first. As I type this, there’s a cold front passing through the region. It sparked some showers overnight and we can’t completely a spotty one out in the first couple of hours after sunrise.

However, the biggest thing you’ll notice about the weather today will be the northwest breezes. They could get quite gusty at times, exceeding 30 miles per hour.

The wind should calm down this evening and tonight, before becoming breezy again on Mother’s Day.

Today's wind speed, direction and gusts (Copyright 2021 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

Temperatures this afternoon will be about 10 degrees below-average and we’ll see similar temperature departures overnight. It could feel pretty chilly!

As I mentioned, it will be breezy again on Mother’s Day, but that actually could help our temperatures get closer to early May averages. That’s because the wind will be out of the south tomorrow, instead of the northwest.

We expect extra clouds to be around on Sunday, thanks to a warm front. The exact placement of that front is important for rain chances.

At the moment, it appears the Highlands have the highest chance of seeing a shower or storm. Everyone else has lower (20 percent) chances.

Future Tracker Sunday 5 p.m. (Copyright 2021 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

Showers and/or thunderstorms could be a bit more widespread on Monday, as a couple of storm systems ride up the front. We’ll keep the seasonable temperatures around for another day.

What we're tracking Monday 8 a.m. (Copyright 2021 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

We turn drier, but also cooler behind Monday’s active weather. Forecast models are hinting at the 60s for highs for a few days.

Under/over temperatures for Thursday (Copyright 2021 by WSLS 10 - All rights reserved.)

We’re dealing with model uncertainty for rain chances later in the week. One model paints solid rain chances Thursday and Friday, while the other keeps us dry. Stay tuned for updates!

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