Robeson County flood victim: 'All we could do was wade in the water'

By James A. Riley - Digital Content Producer
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ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WRAL) North Carolina's Lumber River could reach record levels this week before Hurricane Matthew's flood water recedes

In Robeson County community just off Interstate 74, families were rescuing other family members using nothing more than a four wheeler while others were trapped in a home.

"My grandma and others, they are trapped in the house," said Kerri Freeman.

Freeman couldn't get close to his 70-year-old grandmother and other relatives who were trapped by the flood waters.

"The only way they can get out is to walk, unless you're going to take a boat in there, but that's it. Other than that, they're trapped in there and this happened since four o'clock this morning," Freeman said.

Just down the street from the house where Freeman's grandmother lives, the flood waters submerged vehicles and crept into houses. At least one vehicle, which was initially trapped by flood waters, made it out with Marcus McDonald at the wheel.

"It's terrible back there. I didn't even think I could get my truck from back there. I've never seen it this bad," McDonald said.

Flooding is a familiar lament from families who grew up near the Lumber River and rode out Hurricane Matthew in their homes.

"We went to be last night about 11:30; the storm had stopped, the water receding but woke up in the morning, it was just everywhere. All we could do was wade in the water," said flood victim Derrick Pighet.

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