Last Sunday's snow sends Danville, Lynchburg to wettest year on record

Roanoke closing in on all-time record

By Jonathan Kegges - Meteorologist

ROANOKE, Va - While it's been all about snow records being broken the last few days, annual precipitation records were also falling.

The precipitation, for the most part, was measured in snow last Sunday, but that snow counts toward yearly annual precipitation. That snow, and lots of it, has a liquid equivalent when melted down and measured. The more than inch of moisture contained in that snow sent Danville and Lynchburg over the edge for wettest year on record. With the rain moving in Friday and Saturday, Lynchburg could also join Danville in the 60" club.

Danville breaks the all-time record set back in 2003. Lynchburg surpasses its previous wettest year set back in 1972.

Roanoke currently sits at the second wettest year on record, just 1.11 inches away as December 13th. Friday and Saturday's rain could take a big chunk out of that number, if not even the whole thing.

Summer and fall were extremely wet, aided by hurricanes Florence and Michael. With Michael, Danville broke its all-time record for rain in a day. Take that with an early season, historic winter storm and overall records will be threatened, and in this case broken.

Records go back more than 100 years to 1916.


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