Nearly half of 2019's rain has fallen on weekends

St. Patrick's Day weekend just the 2nd dry weekend of 2019 in Roanoke

By Chris Michaels - Meteorologist

ROANOKE, Va. - "It seems like the weather always decides to act up on the weekend." Chances are you've said that at some point in the last year or so. 

For 2019, so far, weekends have taken up nearly half our rain. 

For example, Roanoke has seen 9.76" of rain in 2019 so far. 4.72" of that has come on the weekends. Basic math tells us, then, that 48% of 2019's rainfall in Roanoke has come on the weekend. 

Weekends make up 28% of the year. In a perfect world, that would mean 28% of our rainfall comes on weekends. While the atmosphere tries to stay in balance, we all know it isn't going to be on its best behavior all the time.

In Danville, 47% of our rain has come on the weekend, with Lynchburg coming in at 45% and Blacksburg at 41%.

Perhaps even more interesting is that there has only been one weekend in 2019 with not a drop of rain. That came in early February.

Luckily for us, St. Patrick's Day weekend is bringing that tally up to a whopping two dry weekends.

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