Refreezing Monday night; temps drop into the teens

Watch for icy spots on area side roads

By Chris Michaels - Meteorologist

ROANOKE, Va. - After Sunday night's snow, we've seen a fair amount of melting Monday. Now that some area roads are wet, re-freezing is the next concern heading into Tuesday morning.

With a clear sky, calm winds and bone-dry air, temperatures can fall easily.

Then you add in the fact that we have a fresh snow pack. Snow releases heat 3 times more efficiently than the bare Earth, meaning that temperatures will really drop Monday night into Tuesday.

This is part of what has led to many school cancelations for Tuesday morning. Gusty wind won't be much of an issue, so flash freezing won't be an issue. Power outages and additional snow are not expected.

This all is despite the great efforts from the folks at VDOT and within many of our own communities. 

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