TASTY TUESDAY: Bluegrass BBQ adds a little flare to Giles County menu

Pork, brisket, chicken, burgers and...frog legs? Bluegrass BBQ pulls out all the stops.

PEMBROKE, Va. – “Virginia’s not necessarily known for its BBQ. We’d like to change that.”

Cody Journell and the folks at Bluegrass BBQ are off to a really good start putting Virginia on the BBQ map.

He adds, “We’ve had plenty of people from Texas, North Carolina and Kentucky come in and compliment us.”

This Giles County spot opened a little over a year ago, adding excitement and flavor to Pembroke. This is partially thanks to the experience of Chef Chad.

“Chef, I mean, he’s a wizard in the kitchen.”

The relationship between Cody and Chad started when Cody was just a little kid. Cody was best friends with Chad’s son and would often get a taste of the wizard’s BBQ after the games. Now business partners, this duo is committed to bringing something different to the New River Valley.

Journell says, “We’re not just a pork and brisket place.”

They’re even venturing into the fried amphibian game with frog legs. Just learn from my mistake, and don’t bite into the bone.

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