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We are no longer accepting applications for the Spring 2022 semester


The GMG Internship Program is a paid program intended to augment the educational development of those studying for careers in broadcasting. The program provides structured opportunities coupled with appropriate supervision, evaluation and feedback for students enrolled in institutions of higher learning to gain experience in a station's day-to-day operations.

General Provisions

1. Learning objectives will be developed when considering a student internship opportunity. The program will require clear job duties that address learning objectives or a defined project scope that demonstrates how the learning objectives for each individual will be met.

2. The station Business Manager and the appropriate department head are responsible for determining and maintaining appropriate limits as to the number of interns accepted. Too many interns in a department or in the station at any one time will negate the value of the program as a learning experience and will impair the station's ability to exercise essential supervision.

3. Interns are classified as temporary employees and will be paid an hourly rate. They will not be entitled to any other benefits. Students should also receive college credit for internship participation.

4. Interns cannot work more than 20 hours per week. Each intern's hours will need to be tracked accordingly.

5. An intern may not drive to any location on the Company's behalf, however, when there is room, they can be allowed to ride in a Company vehicle as long as there is appropriate seating. An intern is never allowed to ride in a helicopter.

6. The appropriate department head at the station will provide regular feedback to the intern in addition to such reports and evaluations of the intern's performance as may be reasonably required for course credit. Copies of such materials will be kept on file by HR. A written final evaluation will be sent to the station Business Manager.

7. Depending upon performance and need, a station may bring back the student for a different experience.

8. Upon completion of the internship program, there is no guarantee of subsequent employment at any Graham Media Group location.


1. Each station will announce the program to colleges and universities, and post it on its website, and will invite applications.

2. Qualified students may also be referred by these institutions to the station, or pursue an internship on their own initiative.

3. Students that apply will be interviewed and evaluated by the station in terms of their ability, interest and aptitude.

4. Once hired, the intern must complete appropriate new hire paperwork and policies acknowledgment.


Participants must:

1. Be at least 18 years of age.

2. Be enrolled in an accredited college or university and classified as at least a "sophomore" status when the internship begins.

3. Be majoring in some field having a relationship to broadcasting or a station's operations.

4. Be eligible to earn academic course credits or their equivalent (such as a Master's Thesis) for the internship.


1. Download and fill out the internship application

2. Email completed application, resume, writing samples and a paragraph stating why you feel an internship at our station would benefit your education and career goals to