Montgomery Clerk Erica Williams ordered to provide explanation for high turnover

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MONTGOMERY CO. (WSLS 10) - Montgomery Circuit Court Clerk Erica Williams now has one week to provide an explanation to supervisors about why an extra $21,700 of taxpayer money has not helped retain employees.

The board voted four-to-three to begin the inquiry.

Williams fired four of her staff last November after being re-elected.

Supervisor Chair Chris Tuck says the sole purpose of that extra money, on top of Williams' state-mandated salary of $120,000, is to increase employee retention rates.

However, during her eight year term, there has been a 150% turnover rate.

"I'm unaware of any department in the county that's had that kind of turnover in an 8 year period of time. If the whole purpose for the supplemental income was to deal with turnover, then this is not helpful," said Tuck.

Tuck says they're giving Williams a week to offer an explanation, which is four days more than she gave to her employees to defend their jobs before she let them go.

Meanwhile, county resident James Willis has started a petition to try and get Williams ousted from office.

Willis says he has gained more than 1,200 signatures, and he only needs 1,848 to have a judge begin an official review.

"It's kind of a slow process to get a petition in front of that many people, but we're having a lot of success with it and I think we're going to meet our goal," said Willis.

Williams needs to provide the board with an explanation by next Monday.

WSLS reached out to her for a comment, but have not heard back.