Family celebrates boy’s birthday from a distance

SACRAMENTO, Ca. – President Trump is activating the National Guard in California. He’s sending in FEMA and a hospital ship.

Meanwhile, the state is under a State of Emergency. That’s as coronavirus cases spike in the state.

Despite the dire health emergency, one family is making sure a boy has a happy birthday.

It’s not the usual party.

“Yeah, it’s sort of strange," said Zachary Gama, who is celebrating his 11th birthday.

His birthday was like no other he’s celebrated before. H

“I felt, I felt heart warmed. I even, one of my aunts even gave me some money," said Zachary.

All from six feet away, but they made the most of the distance.

Zachary got his very own parade.

“And we had birthday music playing outside of our cars as we drove around to the court," said Jennifer Pereria, Zachary’s aunt.

“Zachary loves Godzilla so we made sure to included a lot of Godzilla on the posters," said Melissa Crivello, Zachary’s aunt.

“We’re blessed and I think that not a lot of people have a family like us and I knew that they would do something really special for him," said Kristin Gama, Zachary’s mom.

“I think it’s really important because their kids and birthday memories I feel are such an important memory in a child’s life," said Pereria.

And while it will be a birthday to remember, Zachary already has wish for next year.

“That there would be no more viruses going around like, like COVID-19," said Zachary.

People across the country and around the world are keeping their distance from one another.

That’s in an effort to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.