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Tenth Annual Hokie Bug Fest features 10 days of bug fun, learning

One of the biggest changes is the number of days set aside for the fest
One of the biggest changes is the number of days set aside for the fest

BLACKSBURG, Va. – From Oct. 7-17, bugs of all sizes will be crawling across your screen during the virtual 10th annual Hokie Bug Fest.

This year, in honor of the 10th anniversary, Hokie Bug Fest isn’t just one day. It’s now 10 days of exploring and enjoying creepy crawlers from all over the world.

When you visit Hokie Bug Fest’s website, there are virtual vendor booths you click, and you’ll be doing more than just seeing bugs and hearing them hiss and buzz.

Throughout the 10 days, kids and adults can do anything from seeing a cooking demonstration for grasshopper and cricket pie to participating in a Buggie Book Challenge with Montgomery County Public Libraries.

“We’re doing our best to make all of this to have an interactive component to all of the activities. So there are activities that could be done downloaded and kids can do activities searching for insects in their yard,” said Tim McCoy, extension associate for Virginia Tech pesticide programs.

While cockroaches, beetles and spiders aren’t as cute as kittens, Hokie Bug Fest is a way to show bugs are worth appreciating too.

“I hope they have some new interests in the biology of insects or the ecology of how important insects are important to us, but if they leave feeling like they’re overcoming their fears of bugs being this icky, alien creature that’s really what I want,” said McCoy.

Hokie Bug Fest ends Oct. 17 and is free.

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