Virginia GOP rules out plans for single-site convention

Officials were considering outdoor event on Liberty University-owned property

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Virginia’s Republican Party announced Friday that it’s backing out of plans with Liberty University to hold a single-site convention this spring.

State Chairman Rich Anderson said the GOP considered holding an outdoor event on off-campus property owned by the university; however, GOP leaders surveyed several locations this week, including the parking lot of River Ridge Mall, and found it isn’t feasible to hold a convention in one location.

Anderson told 10 News the reason behind that decision is because they’re expecting about 4,000 vehicles to attend.

They’re now considering multiple satellite sites, and the university could still be involved.

“But again, it would be off-campus in Lynchburg-based properties that they own. So, if we decide to do that, we will then reengage with Liberty University officials,” said Anderson.

Statement from Liberty University:

“According to a statement made today by Richard L. Anderson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, their SCC committee may meet next week and decide to employ “satellite locations across Virginia.” If they choose to do so and if they determine that one of those satellite locations should be in the Lynchburg metro area, then Liberty University would be open to a discussion about our renting to them, at full-cost, a parking lot located on one of our off-campus, commercial real estate properties.”

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