Kroger shoppers will be able to scan groceries while shopping

By Caitlin Blankenship - Intern, Lezla Gooden - Reporter

Grocery shopping is on its way to easier, more convenient shopping.

The Kroger on Valley Gateway Boulevard, in the Bonsack area, is testing the new Scan, Bag, Go program. With 100 scanners around the store, shoppers are able to scan their groceries as they shop.

The scanners also allow customers to view their running total while accessing online coupons. Team members will apply paper coupons.

With more self- checkout stations added in the store, customers will be able to pay for their items at these kiosks without taking their items out of their shopping carts.

Although there will be fewer traditional checkout lanes, no associates will lose their jobs. Instead, these employees will be in other areas of the store to improve overall quality.

Team members will also be around the store to assist customers in the new technology.

There will be no additional fee for using Scan, Bag, Go

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