Transportation provider for Roanoke City Schools confirms major personnel change amid scrutiny

Durham School Services confirmed a change with chief of operations

ROANOKE, Va. – After a week of delays, late pickups and late drop-offs, the transportation provider for Roanoke City Public Schools has confirmed a major personnel change.

Durham School Services confirmed to 10 News that Arnie Sandecker is no longer employed with the company as the chief of operations for Durham's Roanoke City Schools operation.

They did not comment on why he is no longer with the company or what led to his departure.

Below is the full statement that Durham School Services gave to 10 News on Monday:

"We have been working in unison with the team at RCPS. Things are improving daily, and we are making strides to cut down on our delays. In addition, we are always looking for great drivers and current employees are eligible to receive a referral bonus for any new employee they refer who is hired by Durham School Services." -- Durham School Services


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