Virginia Heights Elementary School recognizes volunteers

Virginia Heights recognized the dozens of volunteers this school year. (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) -   More than 1,000 volunteers helped Roanoke City Schools this year.  The volunteer hours make a big difference in the children's lives. Virginia Heights Principal Theresa Schmitt said there's been an increase in volunteers over the last two years thanks in part to the PTA.

They say volunteers are role models for the children and wanted to say a big thank you.

The school choir performed the school song "Like a Tree" as part of the annual Volunteer Breakfast on Monday. More than 100 volunteers from about 35 businesses and the community helped the elementary school with everything from the first-ever Cardinal Chirps where pre-school to fifth graders visited local businesses, to walk-a-thons and even the annual fishing rodeo.

More than 1,000 volunteers help in Roanoke City Schools every year.

"I've been working with the fishing rodeo for about 15 years and the look in those kids eyes when they catch a fish is priceless," said Frank Lynch Junior, one of the volunteers recognized for helping get the donations for the annual event.

"In making those connections and those experiences our students start to make personal goals. They set personal goals on what they want to do as they get older, start thinking about what do I need to do to achieve those goals," said Schmitt.

Volunteers are made up of parents and grandparents, community members like the sheriff's office, police and fire departments and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Each school holds a special event every year to thank its volunteers.

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