Capturing SWVA on canvas: 88-year-old painter creates beautiful works of art

Goldie Boyd was inspired to paint to help others

Indian Valley – Southwest Virginia’s scenic beauty, wildlife and rich history have inspired an Indian Valley woman to capture it all on canvas, creating beautiful paintings she hopes can help others. Goldie Boyd, 88, has lived in Indian Valley almost her entire life.

“Since 1948,” Goldie said while laughing.

Beautiful views some only dream about are right outside her window.

“I love the hills and the valleys, good neighbors. I just love the place,” Goldie said.

She spent much of her life working on the family dairy farm. That's when art took over.

“I started out just doing it at the dairy barn down there while the milkers were wrenching, you know,” Goldie said. “I’d grab any old piece of paper and just draw on it with a pencil. That’s how I started."

Now she recreates original works of art with the stroke of a brush. Most of her paintings are done by memory.

For Goldie, it’s become a passion and a nostalgic way of passing the time.

“It gets your mind off other things,” Goldie said.

Seeing other works of art on the lobby wall at Carilion Memorial hospital offered her some escape when her late son Clifford passed.

“I had been there and looked at the pictures when he was there. I would look at the artwork. It was amazing to me the beautiful artwork that people do that’s put in there,” Goldie said.

Hoping to help others who may be grieving, she painted her piece “Snowy Mabry Mill” in honor of her son. She won an award for her piece.

"I wanted to do that in memory of him,” Goldie said.

Her art is also a way of giving back. Most of her paintings have been given away or donated to charity. Remaining humble, she’s never taken money for her works of art but says she instead finds joy and satisfaction in the process.

“I’m 88 now so I’m pretty proud of myself,” Goldie said.

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