TAKEOUT TUESDAY: Honest Coffee Company opens, sees success mid-pandemic

Inspiration from bigger cities and at home led Jonathan Candia to start a mobile coffee and pastry cart.

ROANOKE, Va. – Opening a business in the middle of a pandemic can be a daunting task, but Jonathan Candia is finding success with Honest Coffee Company.

Rain or shine, he puts his electric bike pedal to the metal and gets going.

His inspiration comes from bigger cities.

“I love to go to DC, love to go to Richmond, love to go to New York. And pretty much everywhere you go, there’s a food cart.”

The inspiration to start this coffee and pasty cart can also be attributed to a simple drive down the road.

Candia nonchalantly tells us, “I drove by Starbucks and saw lines down the road and was like, ya know…let’s do this.”

The lightbulb went off. Candia could support local businesses by also supporting himself. Everything he sells is local, and most of it has a Latin twist.

He offers, “Colombian coffee, Mexican pastries from a local bakery in Rocky Mount. I try to keep everything local, even the milk. It’s from Homestead Creamery.”

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