TAKEOUT TUESDAY: Devil’s Backbone bends over backwards to adapt during abnormal times

Devil’s Backbone hopes to set the standard when it comes to community service and adapting to changing times.

LEXINGTON, Va.Devil’s Backbone Outpost Taproom and Kitchen sits a few minutes outside of downtown Lexington. While it’s a quiet oasis, it’s one that is very much in tune with its community.

Realizing the need during this time, it’s giving back with a Give-Back Pack. For 28 dollars, you can feed a family of four to eight people. General Manager Danelle Clark says it comes with, “Pulled pork, coleslaw and all the fixings…mac n’ cheese. All that good stuff.”

Even though we’re back to Phase Two, Clark says the momentum with this initiative is too good to stop.

“We’re going to keep doing it as long as people are paying it forward.”

The accommodations don’t just go outside the outpost but inside too. In an effort to stay as clean and safe as possible, Clark says, “We’re doing reservations, hourly cleanings, requiring that guests wear masks when they come through.”

The brewers even came up with a design to help maintain social distance when inside the taproom.

“They actually put tape on the floor and put these directional things. Pause here if someone is standing in this block, and I was like oh that’s a cool idea.”

Once you get to your table and are craving a Vienna Lager or Shrimp Tacos, the ordering process is really simple and contactless. You start by bringing up the camera on your phone and scanning over the code on the table. That brings up an app called ToastTab, where you can order your food and drinks.

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