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Tasty Tuesday: 7 Dogs Brewpub a cornerstone for both human and human’s best friend

Burgers, beers and BBQ for the human. Biscuits for human’s best friend

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Nelson Tidwell is used to giving life to those that need it, including the seven dogs he’s rescued. Two years ago, a building across from the courthouse in Wytheville was about to be done away with.

Tidwell is a guy who got into the restaurant business, he says, “by mistake.” But he and the town were able to salvage the building and turn it into something special. 7 Dogs Brewpub has been a cornerstone ever since.

In addition to the many other restaurants that have popped up in Wytheville, Tidwell says this, “Just gives others, when they come to Wytheville, more options to choose from and more reason to come here too.”

Inside is a modern, sleek atmosphere with a main dining area and a music room. Outside, there’s the biergarten. The extensive list of beer is another selling point, and all of it is brewed in house.

Everything from sours to porters to their Oktoberfest is gaining popularity. Tidwell tells us, “We brewed twice as much as we did last year and I’m up here asking our brewer, Matt, where’s the Oktoberfest and he said it’s gone.”

The food pairs perfectly, as Tidwell lists off the “Hamburgers, the tacos; fish, shrimp and chicken. We do the ribs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.”

He says it’s simple, but we say it’s more than effective and not just for humans.

“You can also bring the dog with you. We encourage that a whole lot. The chef will make the dog biscuits from the kitchen.”

Proving that even man’s best friend could use an escape right now. If these walls could talk, they’d probably say the same things that his seven dogs have thought at one point.

Tidwell says rescue dogs look up at you as if to say, “My gosh, you’re the guy who saved me.”

The brewpub’s hours are listed here, and the musical acts can be found here.

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