Celebrate Something Good Day with us ✨💙

Let's celebrate Something Good Day! (Something Good.)

We know you all love getting a little Something Good in your inboxes, but what about a full day of Something Good?

This weekend, we’re celebrating Something Good Day, a whole day filled with sharing inspiring and feel-good stories from around the country. You’ll get to see people doing incredible things, from helping others get back on their feet to folks bringing a little bit more joy to their community.

We’ve got so many Something Good stories from the last two years of sharing good news with you, so we decided to set up a live stream of our best stories to watch.

Luckily, there are multiple ways for you to watch this special livestream. You can head over to the Something Good Youtube channel and watch the live stream, or download the local streaming app on your SmartTV and check out the live stream there.

We hope that while you’re in between trips to the mall or between watching matches of the World Cup that you’ll take in a little Something Good and perk up your day.

Here’s a little preview of some of the stories you can watch on Something Good Day.

Making toys for pediatric patients

This was a fun story we did last year about a group of people who make block toys for kids that are in the hospital. The group of volunteers get together and form an assembly line to get these blocks cut and ready to be sent to children. They’re all doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, and it’s so special to see.

Uvalde football team

The Uvalde community undoubtedly has been through a lot this year. A senseless school shooting rocked the community to its core, so any glimmers of hope and happiness in Uvalde is welcome. The high school’s football team won their home season opener in the last minute, and it reminded people in the community that there will be some happiness for the future.

Protecting manatees

Manatees are such gentle and incredible mammals, but unfortunately, they are an endangered species. A group in Florida is trying to help protect these animals but educating communities on how to approach them if you ever meet one in the wild. It’s all about conservation and protecting these wonderful animals.

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