Confederate flag supporters hold 'Battle Flag Rally for Freedom'

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SALEM (WSLS 10) - Nearly one week after the Confederate flag was removed from the Sutherlin Mansion in Danville, supporters of the flag drove from as far as North Carolina to Salem for the Battle Flag Rally for Freedom.

Hundreds of people met in Green Hill Park in Salem and asked for others to show their support of the flag.

Aaron Walker is one of about 250 people who attended the rally. Walker said the flag should not have come down in Danville.

"That's wrong, the monuments are for the Civil War, regardless of your opinion on the Civil War and how it went down," explained Walker.

Walker, along with hundreds of supporters of the Confederate flag, drove from Salem to Bedford for the Battle Flag Rally for Freedom.

Walker and others feel the flag's meaning has changed.

Supporters said the flag represents people standing up for their rights against the government, it does not represent racism.

People in favor of the flag said they feel like they are losing their constitutional rights.

"Honestly, I hope people can look past the blind spots in the mind, and realize history is history the actions of a few doesn't speak for all us," said Timothy Boone, a supporter.

Organizers of the rally also want people to know that flag supporters are a peaceful group of people. Volunteers worked and held an auction, and sold raffle tickets.

The proceeds went to the American Cancer Society and National Kidney Foundation.

Supporters of the Confederate flag filed a complaint against the City of Danville after the flag was removed from the Sutherlin Mansion.

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