McAuliffe says Lindenburg failure needs to be taken in perspective

BOTETOURT COUNTY (WSLS 10) - While in Southwest Virgina Friday, Governor McAuliffe also commented on the failed deal between the state and Lindenburg Industries.

The state lost $1.4 million of an investment in the Chinese company that was supposed to take over a factory in Appomattox, bringing more than 300 new jobs.

The Governor says he intends to get every penny of that money back, but it's important to look at this loss in perspective.

"Unfortunately there is one of those 568 projects that we have requested the money back. To put this in perspective, Governor McDonnell, who probably had half the capital investment, requested back from 9 projects. The last 3 Governors combined 69. We've only had one," said McAuliffe.

McAuliffe says he is still confident in the direction Virginia's economy is going, but plans to work with the Economic Development Fund to find out what happened with Lindenberg.