Roanoke City Council looking into ban on public 'open-carry'

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Community members continue to speak out over efforts to ban certain guns in the Star City.

Roanoke City council is looking into a possible ban on open carry in public places.

The idea is to prohibit loaded weapons, including semi-automatic guns that hold 20 rounds or more.

During Monday's city council meeting, several people said they want city leaders to ask state lawmakers to add Roanoke to a list of cities enforcing the ban.

Catherine Stromberg, supporter of ban, said "i want to thank this council for taking the adult responsibility that adults in this country need to deal with gun violence and push back against this guns all the time now questions asked culture."

While supporters say the ban would make the city safer, others say the proposal targets certain gun owners.

Ultimately it would be up to the general assembly to decide if Roanoke City can ban the guns.