Third-grade boy helps take care of friend with genetic skin disorder

COVINGTON, Va. – Two third-graders are setting an example, living out the phrase, "I am my brother’s keeper."

Evan Groves' mom was going to home school her son after his rare genetic skin disorder, epidermolysis bullosa, started to worsen. But while volunteering at his school, she noticed his best friend, Parker, was taking care of him.

“Their friendship is amazing,” said Christina McLaughlin, Evan’s mom. “If Evan needs something -- cream, a filter for his trach (tracheostomy tube), Parker does it all.”

“I think my son is 8 years old and I've seen his purpose,” said Karen Willis, Parker’s mom.

It's not uncommon to see Parker helping Evan communicate with the teacher or pushing him down the hall in his wheelchair to the nurse's office.

That kind of care keeps Christina from home-schooling Evan.

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