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What you need to know about bullet-resistant backpacks for your children

CW Security Solutions in Vinton sells bullet-resistant backpacks

VINTON, Va. – There is a backpack that could protect your children from bullets. Featuring bullet-resistant material, some local parents are now purchasing them for their children to take to school.     

A local company in Vinton called CW Security Solutions has developed a lightweight bullet-resistant backpack that owners there said can be used to protect your child in an emergency such as a school shooting.

WSLS 10 spoke to company president Bob Carpenteri about the backpack's design.

What is a bullet-resistant backpack?

The backpack features a slot for a bullet-resistant insert. The inserts come in various weights and ballistic ratings. View them here.

Are the backpacks noticeably different from ordinary backpacks?    

No. They look like standard backpacks that would be used by children or outdoorsmen. The backpacks come in different sizes, colors and designs.

Are the inserts heavy?

The inserts vary in weight, but weigh none weighs more than the average textbook.

How much protection can one insert provide?

The inserts vary in weight, and ballistic ratings, and can provide better protection against certain calibers of weapons.

How much do the backpacks cost?

Backpacks and inserts purchased together cost more than $100.

Can I modify my current backpack?

Yes. Bullet-resistant inserts can be purchased to fit into the backpack of your choice. While the fit may not be exact, it can work.

Are all bullet-resistant backpacks created equally?

Carpenteri recommends that parents “do their homework” before buying just any backpack. He said there are many online companies selling materials that are “refurbished,” and do not provide the same protection as materials from other companies. Some online advertisers can be deceptive.

Why haven’t I seen these backpacks advertised?

Carpenteri said the backpacks were developed after the Sandy Hook school shooting but he has never wanted to advertise and “profit off of a tragedy.” While he aims to provide extra protection for children, law enforcement officers, first responders and the average professional by creating superior quality body armor, he also doesn’t want drive sales based o parents fears. He said he prefers to meet one-on-one with customers and discuss if this product is a good fit for them and their family.

Is this backpack right for every child?

Carpenteri recommends talking to your child about their comfort level wearing the backpack. He said not every child will be comfortable with the idea. 

Where can I find more information or view this backpacks online along with related products?

Visit the CW Security Solutions website or call the company at 540-929-8019 or email them with questions.

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