Nursery owner shares tips on how to protect your plants as nights get colder

Greenbriar Nursery gets busy with customers despite temperature drop


ROANOKE, Va. – While the nights are getting colder, that's not stopping customers from visiting their local plant nurseries to figure out how to keep their own plants healthy through the chill.

The Greenbriar Nursery in Roanoke kept busy as customers came in to protect their plants during overnight freezes.

10 News checked in with Jennifer Monroe, the owner of the nursery, to find out what you should keep in mind as the nights get colder.

“If you have things that have been out for some time that you need to bring indoors, like things that are tropical and things you set out in your patio that you want to save, then you do want to get those in before we get a hard frost or killing freeze,” Monroe said.

As the days get shorter and temperatures continue to drop, Monroe says if you're looking for some color that sticks around through the cold, pansies will bring you shine year-round.