Hopping mad Easter Bunny gets into fight in downtown Orlando

Viral video of fight posted on Instagram

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Easter Bunny was hopping mad for some reason in downtown Orlando.

Video posted on Instagram, which has gone viral and has been posted by several media outlets, shows a costumed character getting involved in a fight between two others near SAK Comedy Lab.

Apparently, the fight began when a man bumped into a woman and the duo began fighting. The video, posted by Instagram user Workfth, shows the Easter Bunny joining into the fight and throwing rabbit punches and haymakers.

[WATCH VIDEO OF Easter Bunny FIGHT AT TOP AND BOTTOM OF STORY (WARNING: Graphic language) | Mobile users can view the viral video by clicking here]

"HAPPY EASTER 🐰😂😂😂😂😂 ONLY IN #ORLANDO 😂😂TAG @worldstar," Workfth wrote on his post.

The fight was broken up by an Orlando police officer.

The Orlando Police Department said Monday that no one was arrested in connection with the fight.