Amanda Knox creating podcast on Jens Soering

Soering is serving two life sentences for a double murder


(AP) – The former University of Virginia student serving two consecutive life sentences now has support from a woman exonerated by Italy's highest court.

A podcast by Amanda Knox, who was wrongfully convicted of the murder of her roommate, will focus on Jens Soering over the next eight weeks.

Soering was convicted of the 1985 murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom, the parents of his then-girlfriend Elizabeth. He admitted to the crimes, which occurred in the family's home in Bedford County, but has since claimed his confession was false.

Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding took part in the podcast, and says this is a chance to talk about someone who is, in his opinion, wrongfully convicted.

"Today you wouldn't have a chance of a conviction, in my opinion. There'd be about a 95 percent chance that he'd be found innocent if he was given a new trial," the sheriff said.

Harding released a report in 2017 which included DNA evidence that he claims exonerates Soering.

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